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18 years aged girl is now studying B.Sc Physics 1st year in a college Kanyakumari

During the field level children assessment last week, we identified a girl by visiting her home in Kanyakumari. We learnt that the girl is an invisible victim of parental crime as her father serving life sentence in a central prison on charge of spouse murder case (self immolation of wife) due to domestic dispute.

The girl is been living under the care of maternal aunty who is already struggling to raise up her own two daughters with her meager income as a daily wager and no income from the alcohol addicted husband. Hence the maternal aunty is determined to raise up her niece by providing equal opportunities for the past 10 years.

Despite of deprival of parental care, the 18 years aged girl is now studying B.Sc Physics 1st year in a college Kanyakumari. She scored 437 marks out of 500 in 10th exam and 833 marks out of 1200 in 12th exams. She has an ambition to become a school teacher.

After knowing the fact of this girl and the poor financial condition and also her enthusiasm towards studies, we jumped into extending our helping hand through Mr.Ravisankar sir who actually sent her ₹8,500/- to pay her college semester fees ₹5,5,00/- and the remaining ₹3,000/- for other expenses relating to her studies. We sincerely thank Mr.Ravisankar sir and all our supporters who opted to extend the help through direct beneficiary transfer mode.

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