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One of Our Girl passed 12th Exam

One girl from Tuticorin called today 29.04.2019 and informed that she has successfully passed out her 12th exams with 363/600 marks. She requested us to find out a college with a sprawling playground for her to join and to study / play. She could not able to find one such college in her district with play ground facilities.

The girl said that she saw Gomathi Marimuthu, Asian Athletic Gold Medal Champion in Television news. She wanna achieve like her (Gomathi) in 3 or 4 years. The girl already won many medals as an athlete in running at District Level and appeared in news papers.

During our field level home assessment visit we have seen big bunch of certificates and medals as evidence of her athletic achievement. Despite of her father imprisonment with life sentence, with the little earnings of her mother she won many medals. Recently her father got released after 12 years of life in prison on general amnesty for his good conduct. For whom we have extended a financial help with interest free loan for him to set up a bike repairing shop to earn and feed his 3 children.

The father says that at present he may not afford to admit his daughter in a college with such facilities as expected by his daughter. We assured that we will try to admit her in a college which gives importance to sports and education.

We thank Ms.Gomathi Marimuthu, her coach Bhatia and Ms.Francis Mary Akka for being inspiration to our kids and infusing indomitable spirit in them.

Note: One of our boy in Tuticorin has already been selected by Tamilnadu Sports Development Authority sponsorship program as a hockey player who is now studying and staying in Ariyalur Govt Sports Hostel and equipping himself with rigorous practices under a coach.

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