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""Launching the 'Crime Free Mission India' Initiative: Creating an Inclusive and Safe Society for All"

A person who commits a crime has no notion what life in prison will be like and has no reservations about being subjected to harsh punishment. They gradually grow to understand the values of life, family, time, and society as each day in prison goes by. Their existence is crushed and their dreams are crushed by the struggles they endure each day while suffering behind the strong walls of the jails. There won't be anyone in the prison to express concern about the never-ending gloom. Dealing with these issues day in and day out will distance them from reality and normality, leaving them unable to cope with their horrible lot. They lose the ability and resistance to deal with issues that severely harm their psychological, emotional, and bodily well-being.

The Crime-Free India Mission aims to teach the average person how to examine an issue from a psychological perspective and that committing a crime is not a way to solve their personal, societal, or economic problems. We discuss the underlying factors that led to a crime and its effects on the victim's family. We'll have enlightening conversations about all facets of crime prevention in India and around the globe.

We would invite former inmates, affected family members, police and prison officials, human rights advocates, legal professionals, and judicial officials to events and awareness camps we would arrange to fulfil this noble purpose.


Please follow the conversation and contribute your insightful thoughts and criticism. Please make a commitment to making India a crime-free nation.

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