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Dream Care Children Centre

"Dream Care Children Centre: Creating a World of Equality for Our Youth"

We identify the children of crime victims through our field assessment by going to their homes and determining each child's needs for survival and help for their schooling. Also, we have been keeping records of all residential schools and children's homes that have received JJB Act approval from the District Administration. If any kid or guardian requests residential care and support based on our analysis of their needs, we shall formally enable their admission with the aid of CWC and DCPU to any of the well-equipped children's homes or hostels in their district. The guardian would be able to visit their wards in this residence on occasion. With this effort, the children will grow in a safer and more favourable environment. We'll pay the kids a follow-up visits to see whether they need any additional financial support.

We also give kids who aren't even getting single parental care because of crime- related difficulties the chance to come study in our children's centre and use the library in our office. We ask retired seniors and eminent locals to volunteer their time to teach our kids new skills, humanitarian principles, and stories from their rich experiences.

Perception:  Children are witnessing crime-related difficulties relating to parental incarceration as a result of domestic conflicts. Such a GNE-India’s approach would erase the scars of trauma by recuperating with the proper attention.

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