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What is GNE?


"Celebrating Progress: A Look at the Impact Our Global Network for Equality - India has had on Children"

A group of likeminded people have come together to start a service organisation for the welfare of the children of prisoners and of the convicts themselves. Prisoners who have killed their spouse in domestic disputes leave behind children who are orphaned. One of the parents is dead and the other is in prison, the life of the orphaned children become hard and full of challenges as they face social exclusion and stigmatisation apart from the trauma of violence. Often due to absence of support and caregiver they may become associated with criminal activities and the living condition of these children is a very disturbing scenario. 

Our vision is to take care of such children and to reduce re-offending rate in India.  We aim to bring positive change in the lives of prisoners and their families. 


Our Vision

"To reconstruct the lives of children of crime victims in India     and to eliminate their social stigma. "

Our Mission

"To provide appropriate care, education, emotional support and     a conducive environment to the children of crime victims in India to enable them to cope with the deprivation of parental care and reduce the rate of intergenerational crimes." 

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Advancing Equality and Inclusion Through Empowerment in India.

None of us at GNE have directly experienced the pain of imprisonment of our near and dear ones. When for the first time we encountered the children who have suffered parental separation due to crime and are now imprisoned, we were shell shocked by pathetic living condition of those children. They were vulnerable, oppressed, socially excluded and high malnutrition because of the social stigma associated with being a murderer’s child. No child plays / talks with these children and they are looked upon as outcastes, forbidden and threats. They need emotional support in such an environment of undue hostility. We tried admitting them to a children’s home, but they were virtually refused to take the risk of giving any attention to these criminal’s off-springs. Thus, we decided to take the onus on ourselves, and we are really happy for it.

Why GNE?

Promoting Equity and Social Justice Through GNE-India

There are two sets of major problems that we have identified and are working hard to find solution for these problems by working closely with Indian Prison Department and the local communities.

Many domestic disputein-between married couples go up to the extent of murder and one of the parents would be in the jail and so the children are in difficult situation. 

The family structure in India has been the extended type where grandparents live together with their children and grandchildren. Nowadays due to cultural transformation, urbanization and economic landscapes the joint family structure has been converted to nuclear family structure. Thus there is avenue for crime and separation. 

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