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Edu- Gate Scholarship for Children

"Granting Equality in Education: The Global Network For Equality Children’s Scholarship"

The GNE-India programme ‘Edu-Gate Scholarship for Children’ is a platform for facilitating the education of children living with a single parent due to crime and making do on a meagre income since one of the parents is incarcerated or died out of a crime. Upon finding them in our field assessment, we offer educational scholarships to every child. We also support our students in pursuing their preferred higher education by supporting their admittance to universities, colleges, and vocational training centres. Every year, we mobilise the scholarship funds from benefactors, as well as corporate and individual sponsorship in the categories listed below, and we transfer the funds directly to the designated child's bank account for their school or college as tuition fees.

Annual Sponsorship per student:

(It includes Uniforms, Note books, Exam Fees, Auto or bus fees, special tuition fees, Hostel mess fees and also excursions)

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Sponsorship of annual scholarship for Higher studies per student:

(* Though the actual amount of expenditure will be much more, the scholarship amount is restricted to what has been specified herein.)

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Perception: Protecting young minds from threat of child sexual abuse, molestation and exposure to anti-social elements, treat them as apple of our eye by empowering them with education to lift their status in society.

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