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Renaissance Saloon shop

A man released from a central prison after serving 17 years of life sentence. He was arrested and given life term for his ex-friend's mysterious death. Upon his conviction he learnt hair dressing skill inside prison and engaged as a hair dresser for the past 14 years inside prison for his fellow inmates and in the prison bazaar saloon shop for general public. Based on his good conduct he availed premature release on 18th October 2018. He tried to search jobs and worked sometimes as a daily wager but nothing had given him decent regular wages. So he explained his plights and expressed his interest to set up a new saloon shop in Kanyakumari district.

After giving a special consideration for his rehabilitation and re-life, We Mr.Sriram Ponnusamy Dhaya Social Welfare Trust and Mr.Dinesh Tadepalliand Ms.Vijayeshwari Muruganantham, Mr.Ananth Mk and Mr.Darwin Moses have together put all the efforts to mobilise the required fund of Rs.50,000/- and yesterday we purchased the necessary items including the saloon revolving chair, beautification items and fixed mirrors, fan, lights and electric work.

Today 07.04.2019 morning we have inaugurated the new shop for him மறுமலர்ச்சி முடித்திருத்தகம் in Kanyakumari District (Renaissance Saloon shop). We believe that this is a new innings in his life and conveyed wishes for his best future. It is fully satisfying day. Thanks to all those kind hearted people who stood behind this noble cause.

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